Meet the Farm


Bee Tree Farm is home to a small herd of spoiled Nubian and Alpine dairy goats. Each girl was either born here or raised on the farm from birth which means that Jenna (and sometimes Jeremy) spend countless hours bottle feeding baby goats every year. During the spring, it’s not unusual to find one of us in a rocking chair on the porch with a goat in our lap feeding them milk out of an old beer bottle. Our girls live primarily off of the browse available on the farm and spend their days roaming many acres of wooded pasture, sunning themselves in the grass, or generally causing trouble (they are goats, after all). The goats are protected by our fiercely faithful pack of livestock guardian dogs; Great Pyrenees mixes who were raised with the goats. They actually believe they are goats, but we don’t hold that against them.

The goats share the farm with a few Jersey and Dexter cows who also spend their days roaming the many pastures created for them to rotationally graze. We are excited to include limited amounts beef and, eventually, mixed cow and goat milk cheeses with our available farm products.

And of course there are chickens. Chickens on the porch, chickens stomping through the front yard, chickens roosting on the back of the truck. It was the chickens that started this whole mess, after all. We blame them – and thank them – for everything.