Picking Battles

It’s been almost two weeks since last we updated, this is true.  I blame some of this on the holidays.  Some of this on bad weather.  But most of it is due to very troubling situations with the project that have cast a rather dark cloud over everything. 

It’s not appropriate to elaborate here, although there’s much I’d like to say.  Although the house looks great and is coming together, we’re just beginning a new chapter in this story, right when we thought things were going to finally, gratefully come to an end.  Lately we’ve been telling ourselves constantly that some things are worth fighting for.  Some things aren’t.  I will share that, given what I know now, building a house was a mistake and not worth the….well…not really worth any of it.  If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely we read a lot of the same stories like Cold Antler, Small Measure, etc.  In a way we all wanted the same things that led us to the country: peace, space, independence, and animals.  The difference is that they were able to find land with shelter included.  That is truly the better, more economical, and less painful option.  So if you’re searching for land now, I hope you’ll bear our experience(s) in mind. 

I’ve written this before in a way that sounds like a joke:  Don’t build!  But I’m writing it now in a way that should read like I’m shaking your shoulders and looking you dead in the eye.  Do not build.  You’re not out there looking for a plot of land in order to build the perfect house anyway, right?  You’re wanting a large garden, a spot for the hive, and room for some goats.  Don’t lose sight of what led you to the country in the first place.

A less serious note will follow, complete with pictures of progress and no more talk of problems.  Promise.




  • No Name Farm/Ranch

    January 5, 20123:22 pm

    Sorry! That's actually: no.name.farm.ranch@gmail.com

  • No Name Farm/Ranch

    January 5, 201212:28 pm

    I would very much like to fill you in, especially considering that your family is going to build as well. I'm not able to share details publicly, but please send a note via this blog's email address: nonamefarmranch@gmail.com and I can fill you in! We've learned a lot that will (hopefully) help others going through the process, so I hope to hear from you.

  • ruralaspirations

    January 5, 20124:00 am

    Not the news I wanted to hear, I'm afraid. I'd love to hear some details, and I won't fault you for complaining either. We're hoping to build here starting the planning this year and getting it up in 2013. It's easy to get caught up in the dreaming, but I need to hear the cold, hard facts as well. Is this purely a financial issue? Hope whatever it is gets resolved for you guys. You've come so far already…