I. Am. Cold.

And I’m guessing it’s cold wherever you are, too.  This is the sort of weather we start to dread starting in late January – generally the entire month of February – but the first week of December?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WEATHER?!

Although I genuinely am grateful for the break from constant sweat, mosquitoes, and swarms of flies – I do truly believe the cold weather should just cut it out already.  I complained about this in greater detail over at Broadway + Thresher, and I hope you’ll hop over there for a read – otherwise I’ll be forced to complain about it here too.  Don’t make me do that.  You’ve been warned.

If you need me, I’ll be with Hugo by the fire, melting my fingers, defrosting my toes and waiting for spring.





  • Kim

    December 15, 20135:08 pm

    I live in the high desert of Southern California, this summer we had two weeks straight of 115 degree heat, so I have been expecting very cold temps this winter (which hasn’t even officially started yet?!). Last week we had lows of 12-15 degrees and highs of 43.!!!!!!!

    I am so over the cold and it’s all only just begun!

    • jennakl

      December 17, 20135:49 pm

      How do people manage cold weather in the northern climate?! I do not understand – I literally do not understand. Today was 72* and gorgeous. I’ll take it :)

  • Sheri Rowe Langford

    December 12, 201312:44 pm

    I hear ya! And I have a dairy goat that is so pregnant she is about to pop but won’t have the baby! Thus, I’m reduced to checking her every few hours because I don’t want wet babies born in the cold to die of exposure. I’m afraid of losing Twin #1 while momma is busy having Twin #2. Argh! When will this cold weather let up?!

    • jennakl

      December 12, 20133:33 pm

      Look at it this way, by Jan. 1 it will be 80* again and before you know it, we’ll be basking in the glow of 108* temps. This too shall pass. Good luck with your little dairy gal!!!!