How to be a good goat

Know who’s in charge and keep a respectful distance, but not too respectful. In fact, go ahead and question their authority.

Make sure you’re heard. Really, really loudly.

Find your people and keep them close, even if they knock you around sometimes – they’re still your people.

Live with dogs.

Skip, jump, spin because it just feels good, and that’s reason enough.

Approach everything with optimism and excitement, unless you’re 100% sure it’s not optimal or exciting.


Live with dogs.

If you see what you want, go get it. Or, for goddsakes, at least try.

Stop. Smell the flowers and then – hell – go ahead and eat them.  They might be delicious. (You never know.)

Life’s short so live it out loud and with enormous emotion. Deal with the consequences later.

But, in the very least and given any chance – live with dogs.

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