Any of you lovely folks on Instagram?  If not, I recommend – I highly recommend – you get an account.  Think about those things that make a smile start to twitch at the corners of your mouth and then search for that topic and follow those topics or people or whatever the heck it is.  For me, it’s (surprise!) anything farm-related, and I follow any farm I can find.  This means that, at any given moment, I can open the Instagram app on my phone and am immediately flooded with a mish-mash of farm scenes from around the globe.  Geese plodding through a yard, or sheep smiling up from a snowy pasture, or front porches at sunset, or great pyrenees snoozing with a pile of baby goats.  Is there anything better to peruse in the little bits of down time throughout the day?!  IS THERE?!  Sorry, I’ll stop shouting – I just really think you should get on Instagram already!  If you, like me, are inclined to fill your daily newsfeed with farm images, then go ahead and add me to your list.  There’s a handy little link to my Instagram feed just over there on the right ————————-> see it?

The easiest way to locate these fellow farmer Instagrammers?  Just search for #farmlife.  You won’t be sorry.

It’ll look a little bit like this:IMG_5765IMG_5769IMG_5783IMG_5781IMG_5819IMG_5753



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  • Kim

    December 11, 20134:52 pm

    I actually just started following you yesterday! I love your photos! (I have a Great Pyrenees so I really love those!)

    I post a lot of photos of my little suburban farm if you’d be interested :) my instagram name is kianyamaguchi :)

    • jennakl

      December 12, 201311:48 am

      Done and done :)