Dog Farm

Full disclosure: dogs are now and will forever remain my all-time favorite animal.  Hands down, no contest, don’t even try to sway me.  A few of my goats have come this close to nudging dogs from their top-ranking position but the dogs beat them out of the spot, just by a hair.  In light of this, and of the Polar Vortex that’s kept us from much of any outdoor activity, most of my focus is placed entirely on the puppies.  Puppy fur, puppy breath, puppy barks, puppy howls, puppy claws, puppy butts.  PUPPIES!!!!!

At three weeks old, I decided it was time to finally place them for adoption (but won’t go to their farms until eight weeks old) and since the ad posted on Friday, I’ve been flooded with calls, text messages, and emails.  They went fast.  Real, real fast.  But one of the pups (sit down for this) – is not going to leave.  Are you SHOCKED?!  I know, you’re shocked.  Breathe into a bag, and you’ll feel better.

Last week, one puppy started to show signs of very Bruce-like characteristics.  With some of his expressions and the little personality that was starting to emerge, I thought maybe, maybe he has some definite traits from Bruce.  As a refresher, Bruce is an amazing guardian dog, but also just a spectacular dog in general.  For more reasons then are worth listing here.  So the pup had to stay.  I named him Leo.

photo 3(43)

Do you think I made the right choice?

photo 4(34)

Dogs are not the central characters of our farm story, but since Great Pyrenees have proven to be such integral farm employees, I hope you’ll forgive this indulgence.  Soon, the cold will thaw.  In fact, this weekend we pick up Clementine, our newest Jersey cow.  We will be back to our regular programming soon.  Until then: