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It’s nearly August – what?!  You realize this means that tomato season is ending and that we are this close to fall and that, therefore, it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Oh boy, get excited!  It’s strange since summer used to be the season I’d fantasize about because it meant swimming pools and fireflies and sleeping in late and was just a general pause from so much of the usual.  But recently I realized that this summer I’ve only been swimming once and even then, I just waded around absentmindedly and worried about the excessive sun exposure since – let’s be honest – I’m outside all the time already.  Plus, it’s hot as blue blazes (Does anyone know what that means?  Our cowboy neighbor Dee-you-wayne says this often like it’s a meteorological phenomena) outside and instead of diving into summer, I’ve just started waiting it out.  It’s no longer a pause from chaotic schedules, it’s just a wedge in between my two favorite seasons.  Hmph.

But then yesterday I made a very summer-y purchase on a whim after passing a huge display at the store for watermelon.  Watermelon!  It’s almost August, and I haven’t had watermelon since last year; a travesty that needed correction.  Because, although I might be waiting out the season inside with my arms crossed and chin tucked down, frowning out at the limp leaves and steaming ground, enough is enough.  Depriving oneself of summer fruit at peak season is lunacy.  So last night I cut the little beauty into wedges.  Half the melon went into a bowl and the other half we ate on the front porch under the (new! yay!) porch fans that do a decent job of stirring the hot air around so that it cools to a mild “hottish” air.  After flinging the rind out to the chickens, I grabbed a handful of mint from the herb beds.  Tore them into strips over the cut-up melon, squeezed some lime, drizzled some olive oil and then crumbled freshly made feta over the whole thing before stirring it all together.  It’s the fanciest way to eat a watermelon.  And if you don’t run out and make this tonight it’s possible you’ll miss the point of this whole darn season.  Go! Quick! Hurry! Why are you still reading?!

But WAIT – before you trot down to grab the nearest melon – note that the feta here is pretty important, mostly because I’m very biased.  A feta is most fabulous not when it’s over-salted, dried out, and crumbly, but when it’s creamy at it’s center, delicately seasoned and comes off of a big hunk instead of already being cut to pieces.  If you’re local, do yourself the incredible favor of buying Pure Luck feta.  If you’re not local, chances are good that a wonderful feta is being sold nearby.  If you’re in love with cheese, just go ahead and make it yourself.  Either way, don’t skimp on the important stuff.


Watermelon, but fancier


-Half of one seedless watermelon, cut into 2″ pieces

-One large handful of fresh mint, washed and leaves torn

-Juice from one lime

-Approximately 8oz. of creamy, high quality, delicious feta cheese.  Add more if you’re feeling very fancy.

-Drizzle of olive oil


Just put the pieces together and finish by coating the melon, cheese, and mint with lime juice.  Give it one quick drizzle of olive oil before stirring it all together.  It’s salty, sweet, a bit tangy, and ridiculously refreshing.  This is the little-black-dress version of watermelon consumption and almost makes July in Texas worth all the misery.  Almost. 


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  • jennakl

    August 2, 20134:37 pm

    It being 105* with a heat index of 110* at this very moment qualifies today to be hot as blue blazes. It should probably be an actual measurement on a thermometer. I’m so jealous of your watermelons – I hope they (and the salad?) were delicious!

  • Jamie

    August 1, 20136:59 am

    “Hot as blue blazes”- Blazes refers to the fires of hell and the hottest part of a fire typically burns blue so that means it’s hotter than the hottest fires of hell. Sounds good anyway. I have (for the first time ever in my years of veggie gardens) several large watermelon nearly ripe enough to pick. I’ll have to try your fancy watermelon recipe. It’s sounds incredibly refreshing.