Two weeks ago, I totally lied to everyone.  It wasn’t on purpose to elicit sympathy, or for dramatic effect.  It’s because I just wrote the post too damn soon and, as I’ve proven repeatedly through my life, I’m a “reactionary” person.  Please note that I did not say “over reactor.”  Let’s just go ahead and dispel that myth right now, ok?  Ok.  I react appropriately all the time, in every situation, always.  But I do it very, very quickly (get it? reactionary vs. over reactor? anyone?)

The short version is this: my chickens came back.  My completely lost-without-a-trace-inexplicably-disappeared-without-hope-of-ever-returning chickens – well.  They came home.  At about 6pm that evening, I noticed that not three, but perhaps five? chickens had lived through whatever attack must have befallen the little flock.  Then upon further inspection and several recounts I discovered seven, then ten, then – 15? Wait a minute.  It was evident that between about 6 and 7pm, almost my entire flock had re-appeared.  I saw a few tiptoe timidly from the cow pasture and then from the woods behind the house.  Although I’d scoured most of the property that day looking for the tell-tale piles of feathers that indicate an animal attack, I found nothing.  My best guess is that the only attack they encountered that night was from our very own great pyrenees guardian dog Betty who refuses to guard them and instead torments them at every opportunity.  She is currently being re-educated.  Do not worry.

As for my reactionary personality, not only did it cause me to run inside and cry into my cereal via a blog post and then also Facebook, leading to a string of heartfelt sympathies, it also sent me to my favorite online hatchery where I ordered a brand new batch of chicks.  Stop your eye-rolling – this is just what I do.  Two weeks later, I added thirty new baby chicks to my dwindled but not disappeared flock.  The Chickens that Lived.  Hopefully this wraps a pretty little bow around that story, and we have reached the end of our chicken drama.  This being the country, however, I know we have not.  Hope for the best, expect the worst, land somewhere in between.



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  • Erica

    August 6, 20139:48 am

    Yeah, so glad to hear they’re back!