About Us


Bee Tree Farm & Dairy is a love story. A love for chickens in a suburban backyard that ignited a desire to live in the country. A love for a neglected piece of farmland that was found, then healed. And finally, a deep love for goats.

We believe that staying close to the source of food matters, especially when animals are involved. So we keep ours close and work hard to give them the natural spaces they deserve while protecting the land we all share.

Bee Tree cheeses are the culmination of years spent learning from scratch how to build fences, battle coyote, raise dairy animals, and eventually how to turn beautiful milk into beautiful cheese. We hope you love our cheese as much as we have loved the journey to bring it to you.

And why the name Bee Tree? Because just after finally building our home and moving to the farm, we discovered a huge, wild bee hive in an old oak tree near the farm house. After safely re-locating the hive, we extracted a few gallons of lovely honey – a good omen – and what we always remember as the first small miracle about this place: the bee tree.