10 Sentences or Less

It’d be a lie to say that a crazy work schedule and constant house completion has kept me from normal-ish life stuff like: happy hours, lunching with lady friends, clothes shopping, leisurely facebook stalking, etc, etc.  Lately, what’s keeping me from all of those types of things is a combination of inherent laziness, pointless stress, and also the following two triumphs of literature and television:  Tina Fey’s Bossypants and Arrested Development.  If I’m not frantically searching for completely random and inexplicably essential house items (I must find the perfect laundry basket!  I MUST!) or gnawing my fingernails over the house to-do list that’s met another to-do list, settled down, and had a whole family of to-do lists – then I’m self-medicating with my good buddies Tina and the Bluth family.  I challenge you to persist in self-absorbed worry and stress after watching Buster Bluth fall in love with Liza Minnelli.  
That being said, I can’t muster more than about 10 sentences of anything lately (halfway there!).  So, for now, it’s just pictures. Of house stuff.  Cute dogs.  Muddy creeks.  Moon rises.  Aren’t you glad you visited today?




  • No Name Farm/Ranch

    March 1, 201212:34 pm

    Thanks for the tip, Brett! I managed to find just the right one at Target.

  • Brett

    February 22, 20129:42 pm

    Things appear to be coming along nicely. Hang in there!

    As far as laundry baskets go, check The Container Store and if you go in, tell 'em Brett sent ya! However, if they walk away in disgust, it's not my fault. ;)

  • Lisa

    February 20, 20126:18 am

    pictures – whoa.
    and I must say (late of course) that I thought Forgetting to Remember was pure poetry.
    ya'll are really amazing.